How do I clock in and clock out?

Welcome to our newly enhanced Clock In/Out feature. With this new robust feature your staff will be able to easily clock in and out for their daily work shifts as well as for training classes. Staff will also have access to see their time cards. Let's take a look at clocking in and out.

Step 1: After logging into the system, staff click at the top where they see their name. In the dropdown menu they select the option to Clock In.

Step 2: Staff then select the program where they are starting their shift. 

Step 3: Staff select a job code (customized by your organization).The date and time automatically populates and then staff click where they see Clock In.

Step 4; They will see confirmation of a successful clock in on the screen. 

Step 5: Staff can then easily move off this screen to begin their work tasks by clicking the Home button

Step 6: To clock out they again click at the top where they see their name and then they select Clock Out.

Step 7: The screen pops up automatically with the start and end time showing. If required the staff can enter a note in Comments and then they click on Clock Out. 

Step 8: Staff will then see a confirmation message of a successful Clock Out.

Step 9: If they need to clock in for a training class they would click at the top by their name and select Clock In. Instead of selecting regular work they would click the tab for Training. They select the job code (customized by the organization), the type of training and the training title. Once all selections are made the clock in and would see a successful clock in message on the screen. Repeat the process to clock out.

Step 10: To view their Time Card they would click at the top by their name and make the selection from the dropdown menu. 

Step 11: They would select the date of the end of the pay period and click on Generate Report.

Step 12: If you allow your staff to submit their own time, they would click on the arrow next to the word Action. Here they can select to submit their time for approval. 

They will see a confirmation message

Step 13: Their time will then show as submitted. 

After staff have submitted their time it will move through an approval process. Please see additional documents on how to approve time card entries. 

We look forward to your feedback on this new feature. 

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