Working with PRN medications

Working with PRN Medications

Learn how to the e-MAR to chart PRN medication administration.

Step 1

Once in the e-MAR by either clicking/touching the side bar icon or going through an e-Chart you will again notice several icons across the top. You will notice the time of day sections and the PRN section. Touch/click this bubble to see all PRN medications.

As stated previously, any administration of medication should involve a 3 way check with the medication label, PMOF and e-MAR. After performing check staff will administer and record information necessary. Please follow your facility practices for documenting the reason for administering a PRN. 

Step 2

To begin staff click/touch on Administer and a window will pop up for documentation. Once the reason is entered the CMT/DSP/DN would click/touch Administer Now.

With all PRN medication they require a follow up result to show either effective or not effective. It is the responsibility of the CMT/DSP/DN to document this follow up. Follow up generally occurs 30 minutes to one hour after the medication is given. Some medications however may take longer before they are effective, for example: medications for constipation. We will discuss special circumstance follow up charting at the end.

Step 3

To perform the required follow up documentation you need to be back on the e-MAR under the PRN tab. You will see the medication that has been given in green. Click/touch the small arrow to open the drop down and select Edit Results.

Enter the appropriate documentation and select save. This can be changed should a change occur and any CMT/DSP/DN can edit a PRN result. It does not have to be the person that administered the medication.

Step 4

The same process is in place for administering and controlling/counting narcotic medications. When administering a control the count will automatically be adjusted during the administration. In this example there should be 3 tablets on hand. The CMT/DSP/DN enters the quantity they are giving which adjusts the remaining count.

Again, the reason for administering this medication is required as well as follow up charting. There is an area in the system for verifying all controlled medications and under the medication tab in the e-Chart there is an administration log under each medication. We will discuss this in another section. Please follow facility practices in regards to paper management of controlled medications.

 As mentioned above, some medications take longer for the desired outcome or effectiveness. Follow up can also be requested of the next/on-coming shift and this should be done based on your facility practices. You have up to 12 hours to go in and perform this documentation. 

Step 5

To access this feature you will notice on the next screen the Jump button to the right next to a date field.

Step 6

You need to populate the date by touching/clicking the field and then touch/click Jump. The jump feature is also useful for overnight staff. This allows them to jump back to the beginning of their shift should they need to see information prior to midnight.

Once the screen has loaded you are able to scroll to the PRN and click the down arrow next to administer to edit the result. Be careful to not click the undo button as this erases the administration.

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