Working in the e-MAR

The e-MAR  is where you find all orders for each of your individuals. The e-MAR is very user friendly and easy to maneuver. Let’s take a look.

Step 1

There are 2 ways to access the e-MAR. You can click/touch on the icon on the left of the dashboard or you may enter an individual e-Chart and select the e-MAR icon once in their e-Chart.

Step 2

Once you have opened the e-MAR you will be automatically opened to the current time of day. To open an individual’s medication list click/touch Pass Meds and the list will open.

You see on this screen morning medications to be administered for Mr. Barrow. All CMT/DSP/DN should at this time be performing their 3 way check comparing the pharmacy label, PMOF and e-MAR. Please follow your facility/organization practices for clicking/touching administration. Some do this as they pop while others wait until medications have been taken.

Step 3

Simply click/touch the Administer button. As you click you will notice the completion/task bar moving.

Step 4

There may be a medication that an individual does not want to take. This is easily charted. Simply click/touch the small arrow next to administer and you will see a drop down with options.

Any marked refusal or omission will show in orange on the e-MAR and the proper charting will be populated on the front and back of the e-MAR. It is important for all staff to chart using the proper terminology on this document.

Step 5

Many individuals have specialized orders and vitals are required prior to administration. These vitals include weight, O2, temperature, B/P, pulse and blood glucose level. Once the vitals are obtained and the medication has been given they are easily recorded in the individual e-MAR.

Once these fields are populated with the information you simply click/touch Administer Now. Below you will see that some medication have sub-special categories. This helps with moving around injection sites or with patch placement.

Step 6

Charting site placement helps to avoid prolonged use of the same site which is overall better for the individual receiving the care.

This particular screen shows us an interesting feature as well. You should notice that there is a message to hold this medication. This is based on the parameter you see in red next to the blood sugar field. This information is being pulled from the individual medical information entered in their e-Chart during the admission process. It is important to have this field match the physician order to prevent confusion. Staff should follow the order and in this case this individual is due to receive 2 units of insulin. Once staff is certain they are following the order they simply click/touch the small arrow next to hold and another drop down will appear to record the administration of this medication.

Step 7

Once you have administered and signed off on all medications for an individual their completion bar will show in green. Any medications or treatments not performed and the bar will not show complete. This is a good time to check the compliance meter as it will show any outstanding medications to be given.

At this point you are able to move along through each individual. You are also able to move forward or back during the different times of the day to see what is ahead for the day or if someone was out and they return they can still have their medications with permission from the nurse.

Step 8

The e-MAR can be generated and printed at any time. From the e-MAR screen you see a tab that says Generate MAR. Simply click/touch to get started.

Step 9

You select the month and year and click/touch Generate Now. The document will pop up in another window. You will see the front and back with all documentation recorded and all CMT/DSP/DN information populated as well. Anyone who worked in the chart will have their information populated automatically on the back.  This document is ready to print.

This has been a basic overview of working in the e-MAR. If you need further assistance or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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