How to keep track of benefits and assets?

iCM allows you to track important information about benefits and the purchases that individuals you support are making. 

Here's how to use our asset management feature:

  1.  Go to the Profile and then the Administrative tab.
  2. Here under Billing you can see the many types of benefits and you can now add expiration dates for any benefit type.
  3. You can view the history of a benefit amount by clicking Show Historical Log at the top of the screen.

Note: Two new types of benefits have been added: Housing Assistance and Food Stamps.

4.  Once you click Edit, you can add more burial trusts by clicking where you see add more. 

5. There is a new Assets section where you can keep track of purchases for people you support.

6. Click the green Add Asset button and type in the details of the purchase. You can even upload a receipt.

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