How to use ratio compliance feature?

Here at iCareManager, we understand that you want to ensure you are in compliance with ratios for people you support and their staffing needs. That is why we have developed a tool to help you determine your ratio compliance. Here's how to get started with our ratio compliance tracking feature.

  1. On your dashboard click the button for ratio compliance.
  2. There is a ratio compliance meter on the right. This shows you your percentage of ratio compliance at the program you select at the top right. 
  3. You will see a list of the people you support on the left, and a list of staff that are assigned to them as you click on each of them will appear on the right. 
  4. On the far right you can “Assign Staff” by dragging and dropping staff to assign it to a person you support. Note: There is a link button so you can link staff with a person if the drag and drop feature does not work for you
  5.  The assignments will calculate to show you your overall ratio compliance by program.
  6. You can unassign staff by clicking the delete icon next to the staff’s name.  We hope you like this new feature. We look forward to your feedback.

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