How to Add Routine Medications into an e-Chart?

In some cases you may need to enter medications into iCM manually. If you chose to not integrate with a pharmacy, you are just getting started or if you have an urgent situation and you need to enter an order quickly this guide will help you through this process. 

Here's how to enter a routine order:

  1. To begin you start at the dashboard and then click the individual icon or module to enter the e-Chart.
  2. Once you are in the correct e-Chart you click/touch the Medication module. 
  3. Your next step is to touch/click the Add Medication tab in green.
  4. When the fields open it is very important to use the pharmacy label and physician order to make sure all information is entered correctly.  You must enter the medication name, dosage (strength), start date, RX number, purpose for taking medication and the directions for taking the medication. 
  5. The next most important step for entering any medication is setting the schedule. The schedule is when the CMT/DSP will give the ordered medication. This will show on the e-MAR for the time frame you set in the next steps. You have the option to add daily, select your days of the week, you can change the frequency (every other day), choose a day of the month (every month on the 4 th) or a day of the year. Once you have the day selected you choose your time making sure to pay close attention to AM and PM. Once you have your selection you touch/click Add Schedule. You then repeat the process for the next timed dose and Add Schedule until you have all information entered.  Select the start time and then click/touch Save.
  6. A screen will pop up to give you a preview of what you have entered. At this time if you need to adjust or make changes you can use the edit feature.

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