How to get started with Snap Tag?

We offer Snap Tag on our Mobile App and now on our Web App version. This exciting feature allows you to see all the great things your staff and people supported are up to. Whether in the program or out in the community this new features keeps you in the loop to what people are doing. 

Let's take a look at how this works:

  1. From the main dashboard click on the Snap Tag icon to get started. 
  2. Once inside this section you will see a place to post and posts from staff.
  3. Staff that have access to Snap Tag can "like" the post and even make comments.
  4. To create a post begin typing where you see: What are you up to?
  5. You can tag the person you are with by clicking the tag icon. Use the @ symbol to tag the person supported in your post.
  6.  You can add a photo by clicking the paperclip icon. Select the file and then click Post.
  7.  If you need to edit or delete your post click the stacked blue dots at the top right of the post.

This new feature works in conjunction with the mobile app version. If staff are posting in the mobile app you will see this on your desktop/laptop or tablet on the web app version. Be sure to like and comment on your staffs posts. 

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