How to add an on call log?

The on call log allows you to manage and track calls either during or outside of normal business hours. 

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  1. From the main dashboard you can click where you see On Call Log.
  2. Once in this area click where you see Add On Call Log to begin.
  3.  In this section you have some selections to make. 
  • Date and time of the call
  • Program or Site the call is coming from
  • Name of the staff calling
  • Manager that is taking the call
  • Type of call: Staff, Person, Vehicle or Maintenance
  • The Sub Type of the call: example: Type-Staff, Sub Type-Call out
  • Description of the call: Enter full details
  • Action: The instructions that were given to the staff

We are excited to include @Mentions in this feature. This allows you to directly tag a staff for an extra layer of detail and notification.

4. Once this is saved it moves to the On Call dash/list view

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