Verifying a Person from the Pharmacy-Making a Connection

Often times you will create a chart when you are in the process of moving a resident or individual into services. If you use an integrated pharmacy they are doing the same thing on their side. At some point the pharmacy will push this chart and medications for you to verify. During this process it is essential to connect these 2 charts into one. Let's look at this process.

Step 1: Click where you see Verify Person (or Resident)

Step 2: If you already have a chart and the pharmacy sends a chart for the same person you must connect these. If you don’t properly connect you will create a duplicate chart in error.

  •          Compare the name
  •          Compare the date of birth (if listed)
  •          Compare the SSN (if listed)
  •          Compare the program

Select the dot to the left of the picture for the chart that is a match.

Click where you see Connect Person

Step 3: On the next screen you can select to connect allergy and diagnosis information and then click where you see Connect Person Now.

**If you verify the person without connecting you will create a duplicate chart. These charts cannot be connected. One will have to be discharged and any information previously entered will have to be entered into the other chart. It is always best to keep the chart that was verified as this is connected to the pharmacy**

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