Setting up Awake Overnight Charts

An important aspect of supporting people is monitoring them and keeping charts. These charts can be for BM's, seizures, food intake and the list goes on. Today I will show you how to create an Awake Overnight log. 

Step 1: Go into the persons Services section.

Step 2: Once inside Services make sure to select the correct program and click where you see Other Services. 

Step 3: Enter the name of the chart and click Add

Step 4: Fill out the description field and Services to be provided section. 

Step 5: In the next 2 sections you can select some status options and enter any type of protocol you may have for this service. 

Step 6: Next you need to select the schedule for this service-when & how often will it be provided. For this example we are setting the schedule to every 2 hours. The days of the week are selected and for each time you select and click the + sign to add this time. 

Step 7: The final step is to select who will provide this service (mark it off on the Care Tracker) and to make sure to Show this service on the Care Tracker. Scroll to the top and click Save.

**If you would like this information to show on your Service Note be sure to add the Funding Stream.

Now let's look at the Care Tracker view

Step 1: When your staff go to the Care Tracker they will see the list of people they support and the various services to be provided. Here is what the AON chart looks like that we just created.

Step 2: To chart they simply click on the correct time and mark the options that were created.

Step 3: Once they make their selections and enter any notes they would click done and the system will show the service is complete.


We have a Template feature which would allow you to create a template for this and any other service. Templates are a helpful way to foster consistency and cut down on data entry. 

Step 1: If you have access to this feature in Services you will see a Service Template button showing.

Step 2: You would select the category for the template. In this case we will house this under Other information. 

Step 3: Click where you see Add New Template.

Step 4: Follow the same steps as above for creating the template and click save. 

Now you can quickly add this template into any person's services by following these steps.

Step 1: Go into the Services for the person and select Other Services tab. Make sure to select the correct program for the service. Type in the name of the service and click Add.

Step 2: A button shows that says Select Template. Click to expose the list of templates availble.

Step 3: Make your selection, make any necessary tweaks and then Save.

The chart is now saved with only a few clicks on the screen. Again, this feature may not be available to every level of staff. Templates should be created as a group effort so that they are consistent for all staff.

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