Medication Management Module Overview

Medication Management is a strategy for engaging patients, prescribers & caregivers to create a complete and accurate medication list. Our system allows for real time management of medications with access to the pharmacy and primary care at your fingertips.

Within an individual e-chart there are many components that together help with managing complex medication regimens and individuals health. With our system you are able to set specific medication administration times, insert parameters for medications (weight checks, blood glucose checks, B/P readings) develop trends, chart issues with individuals, monitor staff, order refills and produce emergency send out packets with a few clicks of a mouse.

On the iCM Dashboard you will notice meters on the dash to reflect census, incident report, compliance and medications to be verified. The dashboard may look different depending on your role. The compliance meter is a real time gauge for measuring medication and treatment administration. This tool provides the most up to date and accurate information to help improve patient outcomes and reduce errors.

In every individual e-Chart you have access to many features. A comprehensive list of medications, access to use our e-MAR feature, easy to read PMOF, incident reporting, refill requests, nursing assessments, 45 day reviews, service plans, care notes, vitals logs (B/P, weight, blood glucose, bm) and so much more. Having the e-Chart allows for individualized and total care of each person.

iCM offers several alerts regarding medications. For example, staff can receive an alert if medications were not passed 30 minutes past medication time. Or, nurses can receive an alert of a medication change or if a PRN medication was given. These are just a couple of the powerful tools we offer that are essential for managing medication and total care for individuals.

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