How to send a message?

iCareManager offers a HIPAA compliant internal messaging feature that is just like email for your staff.

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Here's how to get started:

  1. To access this feature you will click at the top of the screen on the envelope icon.
  2.  Once inside you will see your current list of messages. New messages will appear in bold type and will have a red bubble where you see replies. All read messages will not show in bold and will have a blue bubble where you see replies. On this dashboard you can:
  • Read your messages
  • Reply to messages
  • Compose a new message
  • Go to your "old" messages (original feature) 
  • Check out deleted messages
  • Search your messages

You will also see who has sent you messages, the subject, message information, the number of replies and the date and time the message came in. To remove messages from this area you would click on the red trashcan icon. These messages will then stay in your deleted box.

3. To compose a message click where you see compose new. You can send a message by selecting the staff name from the drop down list or by selecting programs, roles or groups where you see select recipient. In this new feature you can CC and BCC staff in messages. 

4. Enter the subject and the body of the message. You can now use new formatting tools to make your message stand out.

5.  Before clicking send you can check the box to allow recipients to add others in the message and you can attach a file(s).

6. Then you will see the message & responses. This is in thread format and this will help you to stay on track and not miss any replies.

7. You will still have the ability to see who has read the message by clicking the 3 stacked dots next to the date and time.

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