Custom Instructions; Sliding Scale Insulin

We have added a new feature to enhance your ability to enter in lengthy or custom instructions for medications. Let's take a look at how this works.

Step 1: Find the individual in your list and go into the eChart. Click on the Medication tab.

Step 2: If adding a new medication click Add. If editing an existing medication-find the medication in the list and click on view and then edit. Once here, enter the medication information.

Step 3: To enter sliding scale information, or any large direction, click where you see Custom Instructions. Here you can enter the directions exactly the way you want to see them. You can change the font size, make them bold, align, etc.There are some additional boxes you can mark.

  • You can select to have a witness signature to the administration
  • Require the reading: staff will have to enter the blood sugar result
  • Specify the site: staff will mark where they placed the SQ injection

Step 4: Continue to enter the rest of the information: physician, schedule and Save. 

Step 5: After you have saved the information you will see a preview on the screen. Check over the information and make sure it's accurate. 

Step 6: Now we can go to the eMAR to see how this looks. You can see the medication order in the list. The staff should have already obtained the blood glucose and they can click on Sliding Scale Instructions to see the units to be given detail. 

Step 7: After they click on the orange instruction button the scale will open in a pop up on the same screen. They find the information based on their reading for units to be given and click ok to close this pop up.

Step 8: They then click where they see Administer to enter the data into the fields. 

  • Enter blood glucose reading (from glucometer)
  • Enter total units given (scale plus any additional units)
  • Site-where they placed the SQ injection
  • Amount-again-total amount given

Step 9: They can expand the screen to see the details. They can see the green bar that they gave the medication and the details show by clicking on their initials in the expanded view. To see this expanded area simply click the small arrow to the right to open/close this area.

Step 10: When the MAR is printed out this is the view you will see. The medication will be listed first and the special instruction will follow. Both sheets will have a signature page on the back. Depending on how many medications you have there may be a page break (seen below).

Please reach out to us with any questions on this new and exciting feature. Keep in mind that the pharmacy will send the order in the same manner they always have. If you would like to add the special instructions this will have to be done manually. 

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