How to Complete a Functional Assessment?

1. Go to a person’s eChart and click on Functional Assessment. Here you will see a list of all the functional assessments. 

2. Click Start Assessment.

3. Fill out Basic Information.

4. Go to the Assessment Tab. Pick your template, and complete this section.

5. Click Narrative and enter any additional narrative that you would like to include. 

6. Complete the Assessment Results, Clinical Recommendations, and Final Statement sections.

7. Add Follow Up Action which will appear in a user’s Task list in my work.

8. Click on Signatures to add single or multiple signatures to the assessment. 

9. Mark the Functional Assessment as Complete

10. Optional. Users can mark this assessment as Reviewed.

11. Click Print to print the assessment. 


In this section the system administrator will grant permission to staff to use this feature. If you do not see the feature on your screen reach out to the administrator for help.

Please reach out with any questions.

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