Referral for Psych Services

Now staff can make a referral to your clinical staff to request assistance with psych or behavioral concerns. From the e-Chart, the staff who works with the person can make a referral, filling out a few simple fields about the reason for the referral, availability and contact information. 

Step 1: In the eChart click on the button that says Psych Referral Form.

Step 2: Fill out the sections of the referral form.

The clinical staff gets an alert, and upon review of the form, completes their section which includes a description of the intervention, and follow-up recommendations for support. This includes the outcome/disposition. There is a section for follow-up tasks, where staff can add tasks that will drop into a staff’s My Work. Example a Behavior Support Plan is due in one week, request funding for a BSP development, or functional assessment.

From the Home Dashboard, clinical staff and supervisors can see and manage a list of all referrals. 

The referral can be assigned to a specific staff member. That staff member will complete the details section, and any follow-up tasks.

Finally, the referral can be marked as “Completed.”

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