Generating a Service Note

The Service Note is a report that documents all of the services provided on a specific date in order to justify your billing for a particular service.

The Service Note pulls information from other parts in the system, so your staff do not need to take long narratives or do any additional report to generate it. On the service note, information staff has entered in the following places will be displayed:

  • Attendance marked for a date/funding stream
  • CareTracker items marked off that are connected to that program & funding stream

There are two ways to generate a service note in iCM.

Option 1: From the Attendance screen

Step 1: As long as this setting is turned on for you, you can see the service compliance indicator for each funding stream.  This  number shows you the percentage of what needed services were completed for a given day. 

Step 2: Click on the number % for a given date, to generate the service note to see what was done/not done.

Note: Here are some important steps to ensuring that the service note is generated properly, based on other parts of the system it pulls information from to give you what you need.

  •  Attendance compliance meter turned on 
  • Service is connected to a funding stream for the correct program
  • Service is scheduled for a certain frequency. As needed services will not show up as required toward your compliance, but they will show up on the service note if they are provided.
  • The funding stream is connected to the program the person is, and the person has funding limits set up for that program.
  • Staff documents services in the CareTracker

Then when you go to Attendance, you will see the compliance meter since there is a scheduled service, this shows you the percentage of what needed services were completed for a given day.

Option 2: From the Care Tracker

Step 1: Go to the CT

Step 2: Go the top right where it says Service Manager. Click the little drop down arrow and select Service Note.

Step 3: Enter the info for the person and service you want to generate a service note for.

Step 4: Click Generate and then you can print.

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