How to generate a Service Note?

The Service Note is a report that documents all of the services provided on a specific date in order to justify your billing for a particular service. The Service Note pulls information from other parts in the system, so your staff do not need to take long narratives or do any additional report to generate it. On the service note, information staff has entered in the following places will be displayed:

  • Attendance marked for a date/funding stream
  • CareTracker items marked off that are connected to that program & funding stream

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To generate a service note:

  1. Go to the CareTracker
  2. Go the top right where it says Service Manager. Click the little drop down arrow and select Service Note.  Hint: You can also generate the monthly service report and the service note report from here.
  3. Enter the info for the person and service you want to generate a service note for.
  4. Click Generate and then you can print

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