Setting a Witness Signature

We have developed a way to capture a witness signature should the nurse delegate decide this is necessary. There are several possible reasons or uses for this feature and you may use this for any type of medication: high risk, insulin injections and controls. To get started you must be in the eChart and medication tab. Find the medication and select view and then edit. 

Step 1: If the medication is an injection you can select by role the staff that are allowed to administer and document. If not an injection you would skip this step.

Step 2: Under instructions you will see this option: Is Witness Signature Required? here you will check this box. 

Step 3: Make sure to fill out the remaining information and if it's for Insulin make sure to require a reading (blood sugar).

Step 4: Complete the rest of the details (schedule) and be sure to click on Save.

Step 5: In this eMAR view, one Medication Technician can sign off that it was administered. The witness to this administration can then login and sign off/witness the administration.

Step 6: Still in the eMAR view you can click to expand the detail to see who administered and who witnessed.

Step 7: Here in the print MAR view you will see this information as well.

We hope you find this new feature useful and if you have any question please reach out for help.

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