Workflow Settings and Alerts

Workflow Manager: How to Set Alerts

Password Change Alert

There are many features in iCareManager and many of these features run off a set of rules or permissions. Having these rules and permissions help to improve the flow of work and act as a safety feature of the system.

Users of the system are given access to create the rules to fit their organization. Some features also have a default setting built in. Here I will show you one such rule.

If a staff member needs to change their password for any reason and they make this request in the system, by default a notification is sent to the designated System Admin, ALM, and Directors. To avoid this message going out to these roles you can set a rule and designate who will receive this alert.

Step 1: From the main iCM dashboard select the Workflow Manager Module as seen below.

Once you are in the module scroll to the bottom to find the trigger in the list. You may notice that there are many interesting alerts/triggers that can be set. These triggers all work to provide reminders for important functions of the system for staff.

Step 2:Select the trigger (or rule) you wish to define and click add Workflow Rule at the top in green. Here we are looking for Staff Password Change Request.

Step 3:  In the pop up window make your selections. You chose the role (who will receive the notification) and you can go as far as to select a specific employee (user). For this particular rule you should have more than one person available to help staff with this request. You can also allow for these people to receive an email or text message when the change password request is made. If you do not select this the alert will only appear internally (at the top of the main dashboard in red/bell icon). After you have made your selections click on save.

Step 4: You can review the selections you have made and make edits using the blue pen icon and you can delete using the red trashcan. Once you save the rule and you are happy with how it looks you must select enable to turn this rule on.

The enable button turns green and this rule is now active.

An important detail to setting rules and alerts

If you have selected for any staff to receive email or text alerts you need to make sure their employee profile has an email and phone number populated in the correct fields and Workflow has been turned on.

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