Mobile App: Maintenance Requests

The Maintenance Request module is now available on the iCM mobile app, which means you don't have to be in front of a computer to submit a maintenance request or even to work with that request as a maintenance staff.

Here's how to get started, once you have logged into the mobile app:

1.Tap on the Maintenance Requests icon from the home screen. This brings you to a list of all open maintenance requests. You can filter this list by priority (all, normal, urgent).

2. Tap on the green New Request button at the top.

3. Fill in the description of the issue to be resolved, the area, urgency, request type, and additional fields. 

4. Tap Save.

Optional. You can upload a photo of the issue if you like! Once request is saved successfully, open it up by tapping on it from the main list. Then, tap Attachment and hit the camera to upload a photo.


How to approve Maintenance Requests on the mobile app?

How to assign a Maintenance Request on the mobile app?

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