Mobile App: How to report an incident?

Please update your app to the latest version to begin using this feature. Here are the steps to report an incident.

  • Begin by selecting the Incident Report feature on the dashboard.

  • Click where you see Report an incident

  • Fill out the information in section 1. Areas showing with an * are required. Click Next to move forward.

  • Fill out the information in section 2. The arrows will provide you with options to select. 
  • Once all selections are made click where you see Next.

  • Fill out the information in section 3. Add as much detail as possible to your report

  • You can mark an area of injury and then click Done.

  • Next you will Save and then Sign.

  • Once you have saved you are taken back to the main list view and your report will be at the top.

For a quick video tutorial on how this works, click this link .

Password to access video:


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