Release Notes

New Features

New Home Screen

  • We launched a new and improved dashboard with columns of different color buttons, organized by common usage and functionality. When a button is removed through permissions, it will not affect the appearance of the colored columns.

Admin Tools

  • All settings have been reorganized under Admin Tools. Added a search bar at the top right.


  • Under Administrative tab, added section for banking information.

Staff Profile

  • Added date of background check and added the date to the report called "Staff TB and Background Checks Report." 

Incident Reporting

  • Now in the AIR we are pulling the diagnosis from the profile for the question related to a person's relevant diagnoses and history.


  • Added a permission for merge attendance. 
  • Added ability to track Milestone attendance.
  • Allowing users to select milestone and money based attendance when completing a Clinical Contact Note.


  • Created permission to delete a PCP document after it has been marked done.
  • Added a permission feature set for Admin Tools.

Verifying Orders

  • When approving a discontinued medication message from the pharmacy, added ability to set the date and time. 

Emergency Protocol

  • Added an Emergency Protocol feature on the echart.

Maintenance Requests

  • If there is a comment made, the comment bubble will turn green to indicate this.
  • Comments are now showing on the printed maintenance request.

PCP Template

  • Gave the option to Push changes to drafts when an activity is updated in the PCP Template. For more, click here.


  • Fixed issue with pharmacy portal being able to view vitals.
  • Fixed issue with inactive service contact showing on the face sheet.
  • Fixed issue with system timing out for certain customers.
  • Fixed issue with backspace in mentions.
  • Fixed issue with readability of the Progress Note.
  • Added Level of Care to the list of links in the PCP Template.

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