Release Notes

New Features

Incident Reports

  • Now if the incident discovery date is different from the incident date, the due date will calculate based off of the discovery date.


  • Added a section for whether a person can regulate their own water temperature under safety assessment.
  • Added an Emergency Planning section under safety assessment. 


  • New setting in Nursing Care Plan so you can change the names of the columns on the printed Nursing Care Plan.
  • Created a setting to hide Social Security Number when printing a Face Sheet.


  • Added a comment box with mentions and follow up tasks linking to my work.


  • Added action to the alert text for an On Call Note.
  • Fixed issue where rescheduled appointment was not sending an alert.
  • Changed PCP Delay reason from Agency Delay to Internal Delay.
  • Fixed issue where room number information was not being properly displayed in the census report. 
  • Fixed issue with training due date alert.
  • Improved the mechanism for adding start and end time to the Clinical Contact Note.
  • Fixed some bugs on the INE.
  • Added med error details to the staff profile confidential section.
  • Updated funding limit calculations in attendance. 
  • Preventing duplicate entry in attendance cell.

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