Release Notes

New Features

Initial Nursing Evaluation

  • Made the Medication Review section part of the new edit feature on the INE.


  • Added 2 new alerts related to incident reporting: when an incident report has been Reviewed and when it has been Closed.
  • If staff are mentioned in a comment on snaptag, now they will be alerted.


  • Added a setting under CIO settings -> Job code management -> Standard codes which says: Not eligible for over-time. When this code is checked, OT hours will not be added.
  • Added a Weekly pay period setting.
  • Added a new setting in job codes to differentiate which job codes can be added as time, hours, or both.


  • Added American Sign Language as a language type.
  • Added a status called Deceased.


  • Created a new permission under Staff Profile to show users their role or not.  

Staff Profile

  • Created a field for ethnicity.


  • The dropdown for staff in the drill form now shows all staff, not only those connected to the selected location.
  • Created the option to edit and delete the drill schedule.


  • Improved the Mentions functionality with some updates.
  • Improved the quality of the Service Note signature.
  • Added COVID immunization to the Person Immunization Report in BIRT.
  • Added some new funding sources: OCHN, ARC, MORC and Home Help.
  • Improved the design of the My Sites screen. Moved Drill, Inspection, and Maintenance to the top right of the screen.
  • Corrected an error with PCP loading.
  • Fixed issue with comment box functionality on smart devices.
  • Fixed a bug with programs in the assessment section.

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