Release Notes

New Features


  • Created a section in the individual's profile for Electronic Visit Verification Information.

  • Meningitis added to immunization record

Incident Reporting

  • Added name, gender and DOB to the incident view, and whether someone has 1:1 ratio for quick info at a glance.

Progress Notes

  • Added ability to upload attachments when editing a note.
  • When adding a note, you can see the previous notes below.


  • Gave ability for users to edit PCP Date through permissions.

Staff Groups

  • Groups are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Gave ability to edit the group name.
  • Automatically removes terminated staff from groups.

System Administrator Functions

  • System administrators can now delete individuals.

Face Sheet

  • Created a new setting for phone numbers so you can choose to show selected numbers when printing a face sheet. This is under settings - contact number setting.

Maintenance Requests

  • Created a new Maintenance Type Setting which allows you to define the types of maintenance requests staff can select.
  • Now allowing system administrators access to change status once request has been assigned.
  • Created new permission called "Change Status" which gives users access to change status once request has been assigned.


  • Created a new alert called "Scheduled Doctor Appointment Changed" which will alert users when there have been any changes to an upcoming medical appointment.


  • Created weekly funding stream option and a weekly view in attendance.

Clock in and out

  • Added ability to add bulk hours that can span over multiple days.
  • Added classification and Staff fields in the Bulk hours tab.

Staff Assigned button in echart

  • Now you can sort by role and/or job title.


  • You can now select multiple trainings in the training report.


  • Improved the settings screen and added a scroll to it.
  • Fixed a bug on the assessments screen in the Orientation section.
  • Fixed some bugs in the drill form.
  • When an annual PCP date is changed, this date is shown on the PCP and dates are recalculated based on new annual date.
  • Fixed issue where the order in which the quiz answers were entered was not the same as what they see when they take the quiz.
  • Expanded character limits in the BSP.
  • Fixed issue where OT was not calculating correctly. 
  • Increased phone number extension size from 4 to 6 characters.

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