Release Notes

New Features


  • We have added a new permission for the Assessments feature which controls the permission to the Individual Assessments module. Note that permissions for allergies and diagnoses are controlled here.
  • We created permissions for the Physician Assessment and the Wound Assessment so these buttons can be hidden on the eChart if they are not in use. The permission is under the feature Individuals.

Clock In/Out

  • We have added a new link for Timecard Management in the top navigation bar.
  • There are 2 new settings under Holiday Rules to allow you to dictate holiday pay.


  • Now when a staff is mentioned in Outreach, the mention link will redirect them to where they were originally mentioned.


  • There is a new alert for the On Call Log.


  • We created a new icon for Outreach that looks like a heart in hands to be more symbolic of the work you do.


  • We added an Assigned Staff button on the eChart so you can see who is assigned to work with a certain individual.


  • Fixed an issue with quizzes where the screen was opening multiple versions of the quiz.
  • On-Call log issue fixed where description and action box not opening properly.
  • Fixed a bug on the individual list.
  • Fixed issue with goals disappearing in newly saved PCP's.
  • Fixed a bug where new people and staff were not automatically added to workflow rules.
  • Fixed a bug where diagnosis information was being deleted.

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