Setting Staff Roles & Permissions

The Importance of Staff Roles and Permissions & How to Set Them

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Permissions are the key to defining staff accessibility in the system. Not all staff should have access to the same information. Setting the permissions gives staff the approval to move through the system and perform their assigned job duties or tasks.

Step 1

From the iCM dashboard you can access permissions by clicking under your name and selecting permission settings from the drop down menu.

You will be taken to this screen that shows current roles (Director, ALM, Delegating Nurse, Staff, CMT, etc). This is where you have access to create roles and assign permissions to use the iCM system.

Step 2

First step is to go to Permission Manager. Once in the permission manager function you need to click/touch through the various drop down selections and click/touch on and off your choices based on a certain role- DN, Staff, Med Tech, ALM, etc.

Step 3

The first section lets you grant access to client/participant information. Once you activate the section by turning on the switch you then make your careful selections. Make sure to click/touch Save after each category. It is important to have in mind which permission set you are creating and you go through each section. You see below there are many subcategories to choose from.

Step 4

Once you have all of your selections made you click/touch Add Permission Set to give your selections a name/title. Once you have the permission set complete you can then attach this to a role. It is common practice to give the role and permission set the same name. 

Step 5

You will need to refresh your page and then re-enter the permission manager section under your name on the dashboard. Make sure you are working under the correct role; it will be highlighted and then click on the green Attach button to the right. On the next screen click/touch the field to show the permission set options. Make your selection and hit Add. Permission sets can be edited at any time by clicking the blue pen icon. 

Step 6

You can also assign individual employees to a permission set from this same screen. Click/touch the staff tab and a drop down will appear of staff. Make your selection and hit Add Staff.

Step 7

This is also a good time to mention that you can move or un-assign staff from this screen. By clicking/touching the box on the right and hitting the Move Selected tab in red you are able to move staff to a different role/permission set.

This process is automatically set to be completed by the designated System Administrator. 

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