Mobile App: How to mark attendance?

iCareManager's mobile app gives you the ability to mark off attendance from your mobile device.

Here's how:

  1. From the main login screen click where you see Attendance.
  2. Once in the Attendance feature-make sure you are marking for the correct program. The app will pull your Geo location. 
  3. To begin click where you see Check-In.
  4. There are 2 options for marking attendance. 
  • Scanning a QR Code/Badge
    •  You are able to scan a QR code/badge (see help document for generating badges). Click where you see Scan. 
    • Have the QR code available and use your phone to scan. Once you hover over the QR code the scanner picks up the information quickly and shows you on the screen. Click Done. You repeat the process when you are ready to complete attendance for the day. 
    • Click where you see Check-Out. It will bring a list of people to be checked out for the day. Again, you will need the QR code to scan. 
    • Click on Scan QR. You will see confirmation that the clock out has been successful.
  • Manual Check-In/Out
    • Click the box next to the picture of the person you are wanting to mark attendance for. 
    • Once the box is checked click where you see Check In. You will see confirmation of the check in. 
    • You then repeat the process to finish the attendance for the day. Click where you see Check-Out. 
    • Click the person or persons and Check Out.Again, you will see confirmation of a successful check out process.

There is a button that will give you a summary of attendance marked for the day. Click on the Summary button to bring up the screen. If you see any issue with the in or out time please report this to your direct supervisor so that the needed changes or adjustments can be made.

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