Mobile App: Finding Contact Information

We are excited to introduce you to our mobile app. This new feature gives you more flexibility with charting and performing job duties. In order to use the mobile app you must first have permission from the system admin for your organization. Once you have this permission you must download the app and enter a special registration key. Again, the special key will be given to you by the system admin. You will have 24 hours to enter the key. Once you are set up you use your username and password to gain access. Let's take a look at finding contact information.

Step 1: From time to time you may need contact information for the person you are supporting. This information can be found in the app. You can gain access to this information by clicking the Clients button.

Step 2: Once in this area you would click on the person you are working with. You will next see a menu of available information. Click where you see Contacts.

Step 3: You will then see a list of contacts. Click on the contact to expose the details. 

Step 4: Once you are finished you can click where you see Close

If you see an issue or there is missing information please reach out to your direct supervisor to report your concerns. 

Contact Information

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