How to use the PCP Service Authorization?

It is critical for providers to keep track of the service authorization process to ensure that the funding awarded matches what is needed to support a person. iCM's PCP Service Authorization feature helps you keep tabs on this process for every PCP. 

Here's how:

  1. Go to eChart--> PCP. Select the PCP you are working on.
  2. Click the Service Authorization button at the top right. This takes you to all the current services a person has.
  3. Click Request to request the same service again for the following year. Edit or Add services that are being requested with this PCP. If the service is being requested with this PCP click Request. If it needs to be edited first, for example there is an increase/reduction in funding limits, click Edit to adjust the limits and effective dates, then Request. Once you click Request, the stage will show as “Sent to State”
  4. Use the Comments and the Follow-Up Tasks as needed to keep track of each request.
  5. Click Finalize and choose whether the service was authorized or not authorized. Then a comment box will come up where you can enter any notes, or reasons why the service was not authorized.
  6. Once the PCP is implemented, the authorized services will appear automatically in the person’s programs. Any other services which are not authorized will appear under the Requested Services tab. 
  7. Make sure to visit your facility settings to enable this feature.

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We look forward to your feedback about this new feature. Please reach out with any questions.

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